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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 21, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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on the record with greta van susteren is up next. see you tomorrow. this is a fox news alert. the secretary of defense is warning, warning every single american about isis. >> isil is as sophisticated and well funded as any group that we have seen. they're beyond just a terrorist group. they marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess. they are tremendously well funded. oh, this is beyond anything that we have seen. so we must prepare for everything. >> he says we must prepare for everything, you can hear it in his voice, the pentagon is in a crisis mode.
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meanwhile, across the potomac river, the lights are out at the white house. no one is home. president obama still on vacation. and today, he was back on the golf course, that is despite being slammed from the left and the right. democrats and republicans both slamming him about playing golf yesterday, and that was just minutes after talking to the nation about the beheading of an american journalist, and john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. the optics matter and it's hard to pay a lot of attention to these issues if you're not around. >> i think that's an important point, but honestly, i wouldn't mind if the president played golf morning, noon, and night if he cared about the national security of the united states. that's the real problem. he doesn't focus on it, he doesn't understand it even after five and a half years of on the job training, he still doesn't get it. that's why this news conference today between secretary hagel and general dempsey is so incredibly contrasted with what the president said yesterday. the pentagon, as you say, is on
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full alert. and i don't think the president yet understands the nature of the isis threat. >> is it that he doesn't understand it or is he incredibly rude? the american people care about this stuff. this is a well funded, very fluid situation because they can move around the world quite quickly. we know, why isn't -- is it the fact they call him in jv in january, doesn't he get it? >> he hasn't apparently changed his mind. he said isil speaks for now religion. it has no value to human beings. that's repudiated by the ground. if you don't understand the nature of the threat, you're never going to have a strategy to deal with it. i think we have, as the briefing said today, a real crisis. we need a strategy in response. i think the strategy ought to be to eliminate the threat, not to contain it, but to eliminate it, as secretary kerry himself has said. >> is it possible, you know, a lot of people are appalled he's playing golf. i would like to see my president
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pay more attention. is it behind the scenes maybe he's doing a lot of that? >> i think the golf is the wrong thing to focus on. i found a picture earlier today of dwight eisenhower during world war ii laughing on the front green of the st. andrew's golf course in scotland. you could say what is eisenhower doing on a golf course? the answer is, life goes on. and if we had a president anywhere close to dwighti eisenhow eisenhower's capabilities, it wouldn't bother me. we should focus on what the real problem is, which is a commander in chief who is not competent to do the job. >> you say he's not competent. maybe he's speaking to prime minister cameron six times a day, maybe he's doing these things and speaking to secretary hag hagel, general dempsey. >> that would not be the pattern of the last five and a half years. at some point, you have to produce a strategy. i think there is a strategy to defeat the islamic state as they now call themselves and i think it's important to do it sooner rather than later before they
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consolidate territory, before they become a magnet for other terrorists. there are estimates, for example, that 500 of the terrorists they now british citizens. we don't know how many are americans. these are people who could come back to europe, come back into this country with a valid passport they already have. that is a real threat for the united states. >> what is president obama's strategy on isis? >> i don't think he has a strategy. i think that's the problem. he's driven from one tactical response to another. so you're worried about 30,000 or 40,000 iia yeedys being massacred, you're worried about personnel in erbil, the mosul dam being opened and flooded the valleys down toward baghdad, so there are pinprick responses, but none of this constitutes a strategy. he hasn't defined our objectives. he hasn't tried to define how he wants to go about that. there is no evidence he's building an international
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coalition. i still don't think he understands the internal political situation in iraq or iran's influence there. it's just completely disconnected from the reality that is evolving minute by minute on the ground. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> tonight, we have new information about the failed mission to rescue american hostages held in syria. jennifer griffin life at the white house with the latest. jennifer. >> greta, defense secretary chuck hagel told reporters at the pentagon he regretted the mission to rescue foley did not succeed, adding isis is a sophisticated and well funded as any terrorist the united states has ever seen. unusually strong words from the secretary of defense. he warned americans, to quote, get ready, without specifying what that meant. chairman of the joint chiefs, general martin dempsey said air strikes alone will not destroy isis and suggested action needed to be taken against isis targets in syria, though not necessarily
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he said by the united states. in terms of the failed rescue mission, u.s. military sources tell me the special operations team that attempted the rescue was on the ground longer than they expected. when they got to the first compound, the hostages weren't there. there was evidence they had been there just days before. they got into a firefight. one u.s. aviator was injured. the intelligence leads for the operation came from interviews with two spanish and four french hostages released this spring. they described where they were being held in eastern syria. they said they were held by british jihadists. the executioner in the video speaks with an east london accent. the u.s. air force helped the government retake the mosul dam, foley's captors sent his parents a venom filled rant via e-mail suggesting they would kill foley in response to u.s. air strikes in iraq. previously, they had asked for 100 million gryos or $132
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million in ransom according to his employer at the global post. there were additional six air strikes in iraq against isis targets and 90 since august 8th. isis is still holding at least three american hostages. their lives hang in the balance tonight. >> jennifer, thank you. so what's up with the cia? isis is clearly not jv, despite president obama saying that in january of this year. now there's news of this dangerous operation totally botched because of bum intelligence, and the white house now facing some criticism for releasing details of the failed rescue mission. major general bob scales joins us. >> good evening. >> looking at this failed effort to rescue, it seems to me that they went there to do the rescue and nobody was there, which means that we had the worst intelligence possible. >> well, first of all, let's remember that saving someone is an order of magnitude more difficult than killing someone.
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>> right, but the president has to be there to save him. >> so the intelligence situation for a hostage rescue is sort of like a rolling event. in fact, these guys were getting intelligence updates while they were actually flying into the target, so the intelligence gathering is much greater, but your point is well taken. this is not a failure of operations. this is a failure of intelligence. you're risking the lives of the very competent team and an enormous amount of hardware to go into a site that was vacated two days before. that's a failure of strategic intelligence to your point. >> what is the military saying tonight because general dempsey has said today rather terrifying things. he talk about open borders and immigration issues and it's an immediate threat, isis. he also said if isis gains what it intends to gain, it creates a security environment that would certainly threaten us in many ways. he said air strikes are not enough, but we had six today. so, you know, and ambassador
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bolton said we have no strategy. >> what's so interesting, first of all, the response i got from my military friends was overwhelmingly negative. >> negative towards whom? >> towards the slagz letting out the details of this failed hostage rescue because they're saying wait a minute, it affects our ability to gather intelligence, and it also affects surprise. now, isis knows that we're on the hunt for them, and that complicates this whole idea of surprise enormously. the reason it almost worked is isis got complacent. they're not going to be complacent anymore. >> that's about one american and it's enormously important. it's the bigger picture that isis is growing, that air strikes aren't going to be enough. nobody wants to say boots on the ground, and the president is away, and ambassador bolton says we have no strategy. pretty soon the media is going to pull out because it can't have everyone beheaded and we
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won't get any information at all from there. >> you notice dempsey's body language is, look, i know what the president said, and what the ambassador said is absolutely true, but i'm telling you this is far more serious than the body language we're getting from the administration. i'm telling you those in uniform understand the threat of isis. you heard him say very important, air strikes aren't enough. >> was that to the president? >> i think it was to a degree. if air strikes aren't enough, what is enough? an escalation of an american presence in iraq? yes. is it gives the mepesh murgy weapons? does it mean operating forces operating not only in iraq but clandestinely in syria as well? absolutely. >> are they asking that from the president and they're not getting it or what is it? >> a, they're asking for it, and they're pushing the limits with the administration. they want a strategy. they also want a campaign plan. after you get a strategy, then you have to have a long-term campaign plan.
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this is going to last years. it's not the next bombing strike or thehostage. >> if isis grows so fast and they're so well funded, this is unlike any other enemy we have had because there's so much money. >> absolute lay, and what the military is trying to do is get ahead of it. i think dempsey understands clearly this is a multiyear campaign that is going to have to eventually involve congress, the administration, and the american people. he's trying to set the conditions and tell the american people, get ready. this is all starting over again. >> general, thank you, sir. nice to see you. it's very difficult to think it could get worse, but it is. right after beheading james foley in that horrific video, isis threatening that other american journalist sotloff will be next. this woman has met with the family in miami. she joins us. good evening. >> thank you, greta. i'm just going to talk briefly about my limited role in this case. i had the opportunity to meet with steven's parents in miami
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as well as in d.c. and had a phone conversation with them. we have kept in touch with the state department, with the fbi, cia, national security council, the white house. they have all been keeping the family abreast. and the family has wanted to be very low key, private. they have made limited statements. the mom today said he's alive. so that's very good news. and then the boyfriend of the sister just said sign the petition and and pray. and so what i can say is that i just can't imagine as a mother and as a grandmother the kind of ordeal that this has been for the family. it's almost a year to the day when i met with them and debbie wasserman schultz and ted deitch have also been helping, but it's very difficult to have had our agencies get the information from a terrorist organization. i would say that now, every is
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really in operation to try to rescue him. and i'm cautiously optimistic, and i hope that your viewers will pray for his life as well. >> you know, i think, we all want him to come home. we're all sort of suspicious having seen or heard of the video with mr. foley and what his family has gone through and an operation where the pentagon did try to rescue him, and i appreciate the members of the military trying to do that, but the problem we have here is we're dealing with a very different, vicious, vsavage grume, and it doesn't seem, at least from the outside, it doesn't seem we have a strategy. a few air strikes and bombing them with drones is sort of maintain the status quo, but that's it. we have a far bigger situation, at least i think. am i wrong? >> i think you're correct. especially it's a shame because we have a natural group, the kurds, who are willing fighters, who want to take arms against
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isil. they need our help. and they need far more than these limited air strikes. they want weapons. they want the ammunition. they're willing to fight this terrorist organization that's going to stop at nothing, so we pray for steven's life. we pray for all the journalists being held there, and steven is sadly not alone. but i think that if we are able to help those folks in iraq and in syria who are willing to take on these guys, i think that we can turn this around. it is not hopeless, and i think that our military can do it. we have the hardware and we have drones. we have great intelligence. >> don't tell me about the great intelligence. i'm not big on it. i actually am deeply disturbed that cia director brennan has been spending his time spying on senate staffers, and then -- >> that's a shame, i agree, greta. >> it's a shame because this is
4:15 pm
what he should -- i don't know if you could have better intelligence, but i would much rather have him paying attention to isis than what a bunch of senate staffers are doing on their computers. >> even the german leader and the president of brazil. i mean, we have done a very bad intelligence operation, but i think in terms of getting the drones and getting to know where these folks may be, i hope that they can find steven, and i hope that they can save him. and that's my prayer every day for that family. >> but then you've got the whole problem with all those people who are part of isis carrying passports for western europe, and you've got a very rich organization. are we boog truly realistic about what we're dealing with. i want to get steven back, too, but are we focusing on the big picture? are we doing that? >> we kept -- we did not keep our eye on the ball. this terrorist organization more
4:16 pm
from what president called jv organization, that is really just a regional problem, to an international headache, a massive terrorist organization that has no respect for human life. and we let precious months go by. >> how could he even in january have referred to them as jv if he had good intelligence? where's our intelligence community in getting information about isis. isis didn't suddenly become awful people six weeks ago. they have been there, they have been on the ground. i don't know, you know, i assume the president is getting his information from our intelligence, the cia and everything. >> sadly, we're getting back to a pre-9/11 mentality and that's very dangerous. these terrorists are still there. they are our enemies. we have to defeat them. that's what we should be focusing on every day. >> agreed. agreed. anyway, representative, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> viewers, you heard defense
4:17 pm
secretary hagel say isis is not just well funded. it's rich. well, it's very rich. it robbed a bank in mosul in june and got $425 million. that's just starters. it now has oil and lots of it. the former deputy assistant secretary of defense under president reagan joins us. i want to focus on the oil money. what do they have? >> well, they've got a number of things. in eastern syria, they've got oil wells. in western iraq, they have oil wells and refineries. as you pointed out, they robbed a bank to the tune of half a billion with a "b." they're thought to have roughly two billion. they're getting revenue from selling extra weapons, from selling antiquities and kidnappings and ransoms. they're getting nearly $2 million a day. that makes them not only the best equipped military because they have all of the state of the art american kwipt, but it
4:18 pm
makes them the richest. if you take that coupled with the fact they're somewhere near 7,000 european passport holders fighting in syria and iraq and several hundred american passport holders, in other words, those groups could come to the united states. they're rich. they've got money, seed money. they can form cells and they're clearly not afraid of anything. in fact, the leader of isis has said in the past, see you in new york. their goal is to bring the fight to america. >> just let the viewers get a sense of this. they now control seven oil fields and two small refineries, and they've got all this oil. they're selling 40,000 barrels a day, which is about $2 million a day. they sell it on the black market for anywhere from $25 to $60, when if they were selling it on the regular market, it would be $102, so people want to buy it from them. people are buying lots of oil from them. they're getting money.
4:19 pm
it's coming in over the transom. >> what are they using the money for? they used to be called al qaeda in iraq. they didn't have a very good experience. they got kicked out by the sunni tribes for being too violent and too brutal. they had a rebranding. they're taking over the areas and holding them. how? because they're paying off, they're offering bribes to the sunni tribes, and they're no longer violent to those people as they used to be. they're letting the local guys run it. they're saving their violence for christians, for religious minorities, for everybody who doesn't agree with them. >> k.t., thank you. >> yeah, thank you. >> and while the world focuses on the brutality of isis, another islamic extremist group, boko haram is growing and terrorizing africa. they seized control of another nigerian town, hosting their flag over the local government building, but it gets worse.
4:20 pm
reportedly executing people, including a report of executing people just for smoking cigarettes. in april, they kidnapped more than 200 school girls. they're still missing and the girls are thought to have been made into sexual slaves. and straight ahead, republicans and now even democrat s blaming president obama for making his beeline back to the golf course after talking about the execution of an american journalist and the dangers posed by isis. plus, have you been had. you know the petitions about the president responding if 100,000 people sign it? turns out it's a phony gimmick. more on that "off the record" coming up. choose nexium twenty-foureople hour for frequent heartburn.
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not just from republicans but democrats too for continuing his vineyard vacation in the middle of the isis crisis. how did president obama respont to yesterday's mounting criticism? you guessed it. today, he made a beeline back to the golf course. joining us, our political panel. bob kustak, susan, and steven. bob, first to you, what do you think? the president immune to this? >> i don't think he's immune. the optics don't look good. these are eight rounds of golf. i mean, michelle obama must be a very understanding spouse. i can't play a couple rounds of golf when i'm on vacation, but i do think because the world is on fire, but i don't think obama cares. i really don't. and clearly -- >> why doesn't he care? because he thinks it's not a problem or he doesn't care? >> he doesn't care about the golf criticism because he continues to do it and he says, hey, i'm on vacation.
4:25 pm
it's a working vacation. i came back to washington. >> which was weird. has anyone figured out why he came back? >> it was a really important party by his assistant chef and that msnbc host. he was there if four or five hours. you don't want to miss a party like that, greta. >> susan, your thought on the president? >> so the top golfer of all time was president eisenhower. 800 rounds of golf during his presidency. right now, obama is right at about 200 rounds. we can't just criticize him for golfing allot, but it's pairing the golfing trips with the crisis on the world stage and then you look at the way the public views his aptitude for foreign policy. it's in the 30s or 40s. the public is catching on that he's not really interested in foreign policy, but we really need a president at this point who can lead on foreign policy because of what's going on in the middle east. >> i'll tell you another issue. you talk about foreign policy. it's very important that the president be able to lead in the
4:26 pm
foreign policy realm. that includes having influence around the world. the brits woke up today to a front page of their newspaper, the daily mail, and the president is in a golf cart laughing with alonzo mourning because of this. where david cameron rushes back to london. >> the president and his team should be noticing if they're finally returned from the 18 hole that this is coming from the new york daily news. this is not coming from crazy right wingers complaining about this from the beginning. it's not the number of golf or the fact he plays golf. it's the contrast. one of the most tired lines. obama has used it like 30 times, whenever there is a crisis, we will not rest. that sounds good. we're really determined. we're fired up, and in many cases he literally goes on vacation or goes on to a political fund-raiser, to golf, after saying that. >> he went off to a fund-raiser. it looks like he doesn't care. i would love to know right now what people, his closest
4:27 pm
advisers, people who surround him, what are they saying to the president right now? because surely they're notets -- >> did you see senator claire mccaskill's quote? >> it's like eating spinach to him. he does not enjoy spending time -- >> that's right. a long complaint that he doesn't work with them. >> he doesn't have anyone around him to tell him, mr. president, maybe cut it back on the golf. i don't think he does. the person who could tell him that was rahm emanuel and he's long gone from the white house. >> think the biggest criticism if he showed up more often during the day and talked to the american people or we saw more of the generals talking to him, we had an impression he was doing other things, that's the problem. >> right now, as we talked before on this panel, he's looking beyond his presidency. that's why they call him the president in semiretirement. he's been criticized for not having his head in the game. >> panel, thank you. up next, we'll take you to ferguson, missouri, as the sun
4:28 pm
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you're looking live at the streets of ferguson, missouri, where the sun is soon to set. if there is trouble tonight, we'll see it first right here any moment. missouri's governor ordering the national guard to leave the town. on the record has a team on the ground monitoring the situation.
4:32 pm
we spoke with missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson. >> thank you for taking the time. >> sure. >> i know you're tired. i'm exhausted. more importantly, how are your men doing? >> they're doing good. they're energized. they're committed to getting things back to normal. >> tell me a little bit about the operation as a whole, how it's going. >> there's a lot of hope last night. i think everybody went home thinking there is a lot of hope this is going to get back to normal. and they appreciate it. >> you have what you call agitators and criminals with peaceful protesters exercising their first amendment rights, many of them out of towners. >> many of them out of towners but let's not let it get lost. we have many people who live here in missouri who are also part of the problem. many people here in north county who are from surrounding areas that are part of the problem. there's a good mixture of issues we're dealing with, and we're going to deal with them, but
4:33 pm
there are a lot of great people. >> tell me, if you will, what are the biggest challenges you've got? what are your big hurdles right now as we go forward? >> our biggest hurdles are bringing this community back to a sense of a normal environment, allowing these businesses to get back. allowing the schools to reopen. and allowing the homeowners to get back out in the communities. so that's a challenge we have, and to do that, we have to rid these criminals and agitators of this community. we're going to do that by whatever means we need to. our guys are going to protect that. we're going to make sure they have the proper gear on to train for that. i was asked last night why they're wearing helmets with shields. for a sense of protection. it's not a sense of intimidation. it's a sense of protection with bottles and urine and some of those things thrown at them. >> any idea how this ends? >> it ends in peace. >> thank you, captain. >> thank you. and kris jenkins joins us
4:34 pm
live from ferguson. >> hi, greta. captain johnson is doing a remarkable job of leading this operation, but he couldn't do it without the brave men and women serving tirelessly out here day after day. and the equipment like the bearcats, an armored vehicle that is used here across the united states to break barricades. it looks like something you would see in a war zone, and we went for a ride in it as we hit the streets of ferguson last night. there was a perception this is an ominous looking vehicle but you need that in this situation when you're being shot at. >> yeah, we have taken a lot of gunfire and projectiles. you know, throughout the last 12 days. so, you know, we have had a lot more injuries, so yeah. it kept everybody safe, everybody back here, all the officers back here, the ones who have been getting out of the vehicle, they want to go home to see their families, and you
4:35 pm
know, this is to keep them safe. >> greta, that bearcat we were in obviously didn't get shot at last night, thank goodness, and the folks that couldn't be happy seeing law enforcement officers, but without that, they wouldn't be able to be in such a difficult situation. lieutenant colonel dierks that i was with last night said in the 28 years he's been here in missouri on the force, he's never seen protests like this and as violent. what is left out of this story very often is these men and women. 12 days now, they have families many of them, serving hour after hour, day after day, night after night, trying to keep the peace here, and without them, it would be a very different place. greta. >> thank you. and we're 12 days into this investigation, still no answers to critical questions. was officer darren wilson hurt? if so, where was he hurt, how
4:36 pm
badly, and how far away from michael brown was officer wilson when he pulled the trigger? on the record, defense lawyer ted williams has more from ferguson. good evening. the lingering question, trying to piece this together to find out to what extent the officer was hurt, how much was he hurt, and where, what part of his body? >> hi, greta. you know, you have just asked the $64,000 question. what we had last night was unconfirmed ro eed reports that reported that the officer suffered from a fractured eye socket. injury. but there's been another change of unconfirmed information put out there, that he did not have a fractured socket eye injury, but that he suffered a swollen jaw. greta, i don't think we're going to be able to find out right away. i think that there are certain sources that are putting bits and pieces of information out there, and there are other sources that are -- that we have
4:37 pm
not been able to unfortunately verify. but i have to tell you, greta, i have been out among all of those demonstrators, just to try to find out what their thinking was. you knee, we see them night after night, but i'm going to bring you their thinking. take a look at this. >> he ran, and because he had his hands up, that is an act of surrender. you do not shoot, and even prisoners of war get better treatment than that. >> i believe it was how many shots? six? at close range. i don't see how you would think someone would survive that. >> i feel he could have tased him because they have other means instead of using the gun on the young man, and then the officer probably feared for his life because the boy was standing 6'4" and that man looked real little. >> police is not supposed to kill our children. they are supposed to protect them. >> they think they can just shoot, shoot, shoot. i'm not saying all police
4:38 pm
officers are bad, but this one right here, it was an unjustified killing. >> i think everybody should be treated fairly, but to me in this case, fairness and justice for him would be that he's indicted and he's arrested and charged with first degree murder. >> greta, as you can see, everybody has an opinion here. and all of the opinions differ. some want officer wilson to be prosecuted. some want him to be arrested. some, if they could, would want him hung. the emotions are running high. it's hard to decipher who it wants to be fair in this whole entire scenario. >> and the most disturbing thing is, as you say, ted, everybody has an opinion, but nobody has the facts. we don't have the toxicology report, whether there's clothes, whether there's any gun powder residue. there's so many facts we don't
4:39 pm
have. anyway, ted, stay with us. >>. up next, the calls getting louder for the prosecutor in the brown case to recuse himself from this investigation. should he? our legal panel is here next. . . .
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protesters taking to the street in clayton, missouri, demanding the prosecutor recuse himself from the michael brown case, but -- joining us, our legal panel, ted williams is back, and katie fang. katie, your thoughts. should the prosecutor step aside for this case only? not get out of his job but step aside in this case? >> i'm going to say no. i may take some heat for it, but i'm going to say no. i'm sure the optic would be great, greta, for him to basically recuse himself from this prosecutor, but there's been no suggestion, nothing objective that would suggest he needs to step down from this. at this point in time, i think they need to continue to do his job. do it objectively, and do it
4:44 pm
well. >> all right, ted, your turn. >> greta, we've got a game of chicken and politics being played here between two men. we have the governor of the state of missouri who has declared a state of emergency and who could replace the prosecutor. we have the prosecutor who is saying that if the governor tells me that he wants to replace me, i will go. now, what's significant about that, greta, is that this is the same governor, governor nixon, who has come out and just about said that this police officer irrespective of what the evidence is, should be prosecuted. so at any time the governor -- >> should the prosecutor stay on the case or not? >> well, i think that the prosecutor should stay on the case, or i think the pressure and the world is looking at him, and i think he should stay on the case, absolutely. >> all right, i'm going to disagree with both of you, and i know all the viewers are going
4:45 pm
to jump all over me. >> i expected that. >> i will. >> i'm going to tell the viewers why. i want the viewers to know one thing. i am not saying this prosecutor can not be fair. i'm assuming he's the fairest person in the world. i'm saying he should take a longer vision of this in this unique case because if he presents it to a grand jury and there is no indictment, the community is going to be in an uproar and say he was biased and unfair because his father, who was a police officer in a course of an arrest was shot and killed by a black man. so that is going to be horrible. if, on the other hand, the prosecutor gets an indictment against the police officer, then people are going to say you can indict a ham sandwich and he only did it to sort of quiet the community. because of the unique circumstances and because i would suggest that even though i'm saying he's fair is on this particular case, take the long vision. step aside, let his first assistant do it, and i would
4:46 pm
also say there's some sort of guidelines from the national association of prosecutors which says you should recuse yourself if you think people will view you as unfair. take me on. >> katie, let me go at her first. i could not agree with you. if you take this prosecutor off, the governor then, let's say, appoints someone. suppose that person doesn't get an indictment, so what happens then? >> i'm saying take the first assistant in the office. he has a lot of assistants. katie? >> but greta, aren't you creating a slippery slope problem. let's say he recuss himself and the first assistant -- by the way, some of the first assistants are presenting to the grand jury right now. he himself is not doing it. putting that aside, fast forward a little bit, greta. what if you have the same common denominator of facts? then he does have abobligation to recuse himself then because he did it before?
4:47 pm
you don't succumb to the pressure. >> katie is right, greta. >> citizens are so raw and have taken to the streets on both sides, i think this is the one case in a million where you try to take a longer look and you try to do everything you can to try to build up on both sides of this dispute. people have taken sides and we haven't heard the facts. everyone has made a decision, and we haven't heard a single fact, but that's what i would do. >> come on, greta. if you do it on this case, and i hear you say the one case, but then it will be the two case, and the three case. you can't set this kind of a precedent. you put the pressure on this prosecutor. the whole world is looking at him. the whole world knows about him. and he, i believe, is going to do the right thing. >> let me give katie the last word. you have ten seconds and then we have to go. i'm giving you the last word. >> well you know what, you have to consider this. the man has a history like we all do. i know his father was killed in the line of duty when he was 12
4:48 pm
years old and the perpetrator was an african-american. i know there was a huge scandal or this big controversy that happened back in 2000 when he did not indict the two white detectives that shot the two unarmed african-american drug suspects. but you know what? that was 14 years ago. that was how many years ago in terms of his father being murdered? i think everybody needs to take a step back and look at it with some objectivety and say he hasn't shown he can't do the job well so let him do his job. >> ted and katie, thank you both very much. straight ahead, i'm going to talk to you off the record. i'm going to tell you why the documepatricians phony. ♪ [ dog barks ] ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine the cars we drive...
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court documents now exposing the motive behind a murdered college student. one of his alleged killers told police that the murder was revenge for u.s. military killings in the middle east. prosecutors say that he is a devout muslim and -- he is also charged with three murders in seatt seattle. an american recovering from ebola virus spent three weeks in a hot in atlanta. dr. kent brantly was released today. >> today was a miraculous day, i am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited through my family. through the missionary team in liberia, the use of an experimental drugs and the expertise and resources of the health care team at emery
4:54 pm
university hospital, god saved my life and i'm glad for any attention my sickness has attracted to the tragedy in liberia. >> nancy writeboll was released from the hospital on tuesday. let's all go off the record for a minute. i have a message for "the washington post," which is don't hold your breath waiting, what am i talking about? the post printed an argument with the headline. the white house must respond. must? well, that's laughable. the post has been punked. and this is not a slap at "the washington post" or michael browne and his family, but a slap directly at the white house and president obama. that precision stuff on white
4:55 pm is a gimmick, this is a fox news alert and you know what? you did it. 100,000 of you have officially signed that white house petition to get his case in front of the president. that was back on may 30th. the white house promises, yes, to answer petitions that reach 100,000 signatures within 30 days, has the white house kept its promise to enter the petition? not even a peep out of the white house. it's been more than 2 1/2 months already. the white house has just ignored it. the sergeant served two terms in afghanistan for our nation, that means for us, and suffering from ptsd after an ied explosion. while president obama is busy, well, golfing. i guess he's too busy to keep his word. that's my off the record comment tonight. and coming up, the pope making a very important phone call, that's next.
4:56 pm
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for the first time, hamas
5:00 pm
claiming responsibility for the murders of the three israeli teens, sparking the war in gaza. james foley, who was beheaded by isis, the pope consoled the parents for their loss. thanks for being with us, we'll see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> enough of what, al? enough of what? al sharpton has the nerve to insult the american police community. >> the factor calls out the race hustlerslike al sharpton for trying to capitalize on the death of michael browne. >> why is that acceptable? >> this attorney general and this department of justice stands with the people of ferguson. >> his role in the michael browning case could be threatening the integrity


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